Construction / Renovation Work

Mahad builders offer you a great many opportunities and deals we not only construct new homes, apartments, and commercial buildings but also provide renovations and new interior designs. We make your old buildings new and clique.

Residential Housing Planning

We don’t just assemble concrete into a four-wall space! We build homes for you. Everything from the start till the very end is preplanned and pre-designed with your full involvement. Our best in field architects and a team of experts guide you towards your dream house.

Survey Work

Be it A luxury home, a gourmet kitchen, a scenic view, a pool to swim or a family room facing a big garden we take a full survey with you before settling down to the very best place our client desire. Mahad builders and their team take time and make sure that financially and emotionally our customers are satisfied with what they are investing in.

Land Scaping

Our company also provides landscaping services. We help increase the value of your property and beautify it such that it catches every gaze that falls on it. Our designers create an aesthetic look that is not only pleasing and calming but also practical for general use.

Building Services Engineering

We also provide building services engineering in order to achieve an indoor environment that is safe and comfortable. We aim at minimizing the environmental impact of a building. Our engineers make our constructions practical and usable.

Infrastructure Service

Our infrastructure services don’t end at homes or apartments we also construct commercial state buildings, retail stores, industrial buildings, schools, residential houses, marriage and banquet halls, corporate headquarters, and multi-level office buildings.

A.C.P Cladding

We use Aluminum composite panels for external cladding, insulation, and signage. We have hired experienced and skilled personals who install APC for offices, factories, shopping malls, hi-rise buildings, and hospitals. We have a highly successful track record and we always meet the client’s demands and expectations. quality and reliability.

Curtain Wall

We equip our constructed buildings with a curtain wall system that helps keep harsh weather out and occupants living inside safe. These curtain wall keeps the external surface waterproof leaving no chance of moisture inside.

Concrete Wall Art

To beautify the exterior and interior we also offer concrete wall art, handcrafted by experts, each piece is unique and customized keeping in mind your selected theme.

Concrete Fountain

Mahad builders also build masterpieces of fountains. We can create fountains for your backyards, gardens, or even for indoor spaces, perfectly proportioned hand crafted fountains that complement your home, offices, or restaurants.

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